5 Reasons You Should Study at ELATT

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5 Reasons You Should Study at ELATT We asked some of our current Sixth Form students to tell us why they enjoy learning at ELATT. Here’s what they told us that ELATT offers: 5: A Range of Fun and Insightful Courses Studying at ELATT will reward you with a breadth of not only knowledge but […]

Sixth form visit to URBN offices

people sitting at outdoor tables

Sixth form visit to URBN offices Three sixth form students were lucky enough to visit the offices of URBN, the group behind Free People, Anthropolgie and Urban Outfitters, located in Brick Lane.Students visited various departments and learned about the process of buying, sustainablity and ethical fashion. URBN looked more like a warehouse than an office. […]

Ready for Industry: ELATT’s work experience campaign for 2019/2020

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Ready for Industry: ELATT’s work experience campaign for 2019/2020 Can you help us close the opportunity gap in London? Our vision is a London where everyone can flourish in their lives, no matter their age, background or circumstances. When it comes to learning, we’ve got it covered, but our students tell us that the missing […]

International Women’s Day Celebration

women sitting around table at international women's day celebration

International Women’s Day Celebration Skills-sharing Workshop and Networking Event hosted by LexisNexis During early March, our students were lucky enough to hold our International Women’s Day Celebration at our corporate partner LexisNexis’ offices in the City of London. This gave our students a totally new experience of London and the inspirational LexisNexis staff! The day […]

What I Love about London

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What I Love about London By Rukshana | Conversation Club Student I have been living in London for 11 years. I came here to join my husband. Most of my family is in Bangladesh, but I have a few cousins here. The thing that surprised me about London is that there are so many people […]

London Fields Park

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London Fields Park I am writing about London Fields Park. I visited this place many times. I like this area because you can see so many things. This place is near the Broadway market. I came with my family in this park. We’re enjoying the park, my little daughter loves playing football with my son. […]

My Church

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My Church The name of the church is Our Lady and Joseph.The place is Balls Pond Road.I go to church every evening Mass 6 pm. It is very peaceful l don’t have words to say. I can’t explain why.I am very happy. My problem even go my mind. By Zewditu Latest Posts

Hyde Park

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Hyde Park Where can we be more social then in a crowded place like Hyde Park? Here we find noisy children, weirdly dressed teenagers, overly affectionate adults and grumpy old men, not to mention the barking dogs. Of course, as you imagine, I have exaggerated the picture just to put a little humour in this […]

London Aquarium

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London Aquarium We went to the London Aquarium on the 04/02/2016. This was a one of the most fantastic trips in our class. There were so many kinds of fishes. I was very excited. There was the biggest turtle I have ever seen. Some people think about the white shark is massive and is the […]

Soho Square

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Soho Square There are different places where we can be relaxed and calm. Being surrounded by nature can help to reach this sense of serenity, but it’s not enough. Some months ago, it was a Friday afternoon, I met up with my boyfriend after work. He was really stressed for some deadlines and I was […]