box on grass

Soho Square

There are different places where we can be relaxed and calm. Being surrounded by nature can help to reach this sense of serenity, but it’s not enough. Some months ago, it was a Friday afternoon, I met up with my boyfriend after work. He was really stressed for some deadlines and I was really dejected because I felt alone in a big city that doesn’t belong to me! We decided to go to a park to relax, but it was quite far and we were tired… so we decided to go to drink something in Soho. That moment we had a great idea, we took something to eat, something to drink and we went to Soho Square! I think there isn’t anything better than to stay on the lawn to drink wine and eat a good pizza. We forgot all our problems! So now every time we are tired or stressed we take a pizza, a bottle of wine and we sit on the grass! I know Soho Square is not a real relaxing place to spend time for someone, it’s confusing and noisy but in this babble of voices we have our piece of lawn to relax and to be happy!

By Elisabetta