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Who are ELATT?

We’re an award-winning charity – we’ve supported hundreds of students to better their lives for over 30 years. We welcome students who want to develop their skills, gain confidence and learn at any stage of their lives. Our courses include Maths, English, Web Design and Development, Computer Engineering, Digital Media Production and Business Administration. When it comes to training, we’ve got it covered, but we need your help to get our talented people into the world of work.

We have found that the first step towards employment is the hardest – with no recent work experience, only 30% of our students get into work, compared to 80% of those with recent work experience. There are three main ways you can help us get our enthusiastic students into work; mentoring, work experience and work placements. There is no commitment – even just an hour of your time to host a visit can make a huge difference to our students’ career prospects.

Read below to see more info on how to not only support ELATT and our hard working students, but also diversify your workforce with local talent.

We’re an award-winning charity with a history. For over 30 years we have supported thousands of Londoners to better their lives across the capital. We are based in Kingsland Road, Hackney and offer courses such as English, Maths, Business admin/IT, Web Design and Development, Digital Media Production and many more.

Our Vision

is to make London a city where everyone can flourish in their lives, no matter their age, background or circumstances.

Our Aim

is to connect all the talented and aspirational Londoners to the workplaces in our city that need them. And as a mentor you can play a huge part in helping us get there.

Why become a mentor?

Mentoring is a fantastic opportunity to share your knowledge and experience. It’s beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee. While the mentee should grow in confidence, self-esteem and develop motivation to succeed, the mentor benefits from showing their leadership skills, listening and interpersonal skills.

Many of ELATT’s students have diverse and rich backgrounds and you may even find them inspiring too! You’ll also come away with a fantastic feeling of achievement and pride that you’ve helped someone become independent and achieve their goals.

How can you get involved?

Start by joining one of our no-obligation taster sessions where you can pop in to our training centre just 10 minutes from Old Street. You can participate in group conversation classes or our employability sessions where you can meet our students and see what we’re all about.

If you’d like to progress, you can choose which type of student you’d like to mentor – someone learning English as a second language who you could support simply by chatting and keeping in touch, or someone on a vocational course similar to your profession, who’d benefit from careers based advice such as hearing about your journey, your challenges and successes and general support as they take the path into employment.

Once we know your preferences, ELATT’s mentoring team will match you with a suitable mentee. We provide mentoring coaching sessions, guidelines, tips and ideas as well as ongoing support from our dedicated mentoring programme manager to help you.

How much time will it take?

There is no obligation – you simply join a taster session which will be arranged at your convenience and take around 45 minutes. From there, if you wish to continue, you can decide how much time you can commit. Mentoring can be conducted on an individual or group basis and can be done face to face, by phone or email.

ELATT Mentoring Benefits

Taster session - 45 min to meet our students

Let us know if you'd like to continue and we'll match you up with a mentee

We offer training and on-going support throughout

Kiran Shoat

Magnum Services Manager

"We have been delighted with their attitude and aptitude – it shows that there is an underused talent pool waiting to be tapped in London."

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Iman Fadaei

Founder at Crowdskills

"What impresses me most about the people we place in work from ELATT is their commitment, willingness to learn, and technical knowledge. Their clients have many..."

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