Be different. Be diverse.

Help us close the gap between aspiration and opportunity in London.

Over 30 years of bringing diversity into the workplace in London.

We’re an award-winning education charity, and since we started in 1984, we’ve supported hundreds of students to better their lives through employment.

Our vision is a London where everyone can flourish in their lives, no matter their age, background or circumstances. We welcome students who want to develop their skills, gain confidence and learn at any stage of their lives. Our courses include Web Design and Development, Computer Engineering, Digital Media Production, Business IT and English and maths.

When it comes to learning, we’ve got it covered, but we need your help to get our talented people into the world of work.

How your company can help.

We know that the first step towards employment is the hardest: with no recent work experience, only 30% of our students get into work. But once they have experience, 80% of our students move into employment.

Be part of that change: support us by offering mentoring, work experience and work placements to our talented and dedicated students. Even just a few hours of your time can be all we need.

Be different. Be diverse. Become an ELATT supporter.

Support a student one-to-one 

Mentoring is a simple way to support our students to make the step from education to employment. We will match you with a student who is interested in your sector or career path who you can then support with advice such as: how you got into the industry; CV and job application tips specific to the industry, and how to find opportunities. We will be on standby to give you any help you need and will have a monthly check in.

Mentoring is also a great professional development opportunity for the mentor, the perfect way to develop your leadership skills whilst enjoying the feel good factor of supporting the next generation of talent!

Provide insight into the workplace through hosting a visit to your organisation.

You can host a one-off visit for a group of our students, giving a tour of your operations and even running a training session or employment workshop for our students. Recently, 12 of our computer engineering students spent a day in Sopra Steria’s Digilab learning coding for Internet of Things devices.

You can also offer work shadowing where a student follows your daily work routine, providing an invaluable insight into the work environment.

Please get in touch to find out more – just a couple of hours of your time could be the vital step needed to help a young person or adult back into work!

Longer term placements for students, from 4 to 12 weeks – paid or unpaid

A work placement is the perfect way to provide a deeper insight into the workplace. You can support an individual or a small group of our students, and placements can last from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on what suits you. We can offer support and guidance throughout the process to ensure that both you and the candidate have a smooth and positive experience.

Our students already take work placements with industry-leading organisations such as Opus II International and Withers International. If you would like to offer an incredible opportunity to a talented and determined individual, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Support our vital community work through company and employee giving 

ELATT relies on the generous support of our supporters to keep our services free. Get in touch with our dedicated fundraising team to find out how your company could support our work through grant-giving, payroll giving, office fundraisers and online shopping!

“Working with the students from ELATT is an absolute pleasure. The dedication they show towards their studies and work placement course is commendable. Their ability to…”

“Students have contributed fresh perspectives and ideas and been willing to engage in a range of tasks; making a positive impact on our business…”

“What impresses me most about the people we place in work from ELATT is their commitment, willingness to learn, and technical knowledge. Their clients have many…”

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