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5 Reasons You Should Study at ELATT

We asked some of our current Sixth Form students to tell us why they enjoy learning at ELATT. Here’s what they told us that ELATT offers:

5: A Range of Fun and Insightful Courses

Studying at ELATT will reward you with a breadth of not only knowledge but enjoyment as well: from your traditional tried and true English and Maths, all the way to more modern and unique courses like Game Design and Computer Engineering.

4: Helpful and Accommodating Staff

A great line of courses wouldn’t be much without an equally great line of staff, and thankfully ELATT can offer you highly accommodating staff. Not only are they highly adept in their teaching ability, but also their ability to help you through the lesson should you need it, no matter your level.

3: A Friendly and Diverse Environment

On top of the courses and staff, you’ll also find ELATT hosts a welcoming and friendly environment with students of all walks of life. No matter who you are, what background you come from, your beliefts or interests, you can find a place at ELATT.

2: A Very Comfortable Size

ELATT is a relatively small college and so presents a wonderfully comfortable and approachable space. If you suffer from anxiety or can be intimidated by the large environments of many college, you’ll find ELATT’s smaller size a far more comfortable than many of its contemporaries. Due to its smaller size, even on the busiest days you will be able to find somewhere to relax in peace and quiet between lessons.

1: It's fun

One of the best things about ELATT is simply how much fun it is to be there. While studying at ELATT you will undoubtedly learn a lot and you’ll have a great time doing it. Speaking anecdotally, being at ELATT has greatly helped my social skills simply due to the fact that the teachers and my fellow students make me want to engage and interact with them. Studying at ELATT will give you a wealth of opportunity to learn and engage with so many like-minded yet unique people.

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