people sitting at outdoor tables

Sixth form visit to URBN offices

Three sixth form students were lucky enough to visit the offices of URBN, the group behind Free People, Anthropolgie and Urban Outfitters, located in Brick Lane.
Students visited various departments and learned about the process of buying, sustainablity and ethical fashion.

URBN looked more like a warehouse than an office. We got lots of free stuff and snacks before having a tour from Michael. The first place we went to was where the designers designed the clothes and logos etc. The head designer showed us a slideshow of some designs and then a woman came up and did the same, except her designs were clothes and furniture and his were logos. The people in there gave us all a free bright orange bag and then Michael took us upstairs to the next people.

The second place we went was this big room that sort of looked like a warehouse. We learned that they took old and vintage clothes and altered them a bit then resold them. We learned about the benefits of this for the environment and the importance of fair trade in fashion.

Everyone at URBN was really nice and helpful and I learned a lot. I thought it was really funny that people could bring their dog to work at the office!

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