group of people holding various flags of countries

What I Love about London

By Rukshana | Conversation Club Student

I have been living in London for 11 years. I came here to join my husband. Most of my family is in Bangladesh, but I have a few cousins here.

The thing that surprised me about London is that there are so many people here from different countries and backgrounds. I have met so many different people. Here in London people queue very politely and wait a long time, in other countries people are not so polite.

I have learnt to be more independent and that I can do anything I want to do. I have the freedom to do the things I want. The things I like about London is that the shopping is good, you can see many interesting places, but sometimes it’s just too crowded.

I would recommend my family and friends visit London because it’s a great city and there are many different people here. It’s diverse.

My life in London is very good I think. I have a lot of responsibility here because I don’t have the support of my extended family. I have to do most things by myself and I am usually very busy. Compared with my life in Bangladesh, it is harder now. My life in Bangladesh was carefree and a lot easier! I was a student and I lived with my very big extended family; my parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins. We helped each other and always had each other. I see them all when I go home.

By Milda | Conversation Club Student

I have been in London for 13 years.

I came here because I was accompanying my sister. After some time, she returned to Brazil and I stayed, just me. I wanted to stay here.

The things that surprised me about London were the beautiful gardens, parks and museums. Also there are so many different people here from different cultures, religions and it is very diverse.

I want to be more independent here and do things for myself. I have worked a long time in this country, but I worked with people who speak Spanish and Portuguese, not English. I want to improve my English now.

I love living in London because there are so many options for me, I can go shopping, visit parks, see new and interesting places like the houses of Parliament and the royal palace. There is a lot of history here. I would definitely recommend that my friends and family visit.

My life in London is very nice, I am independent and I feel safe. My life in Brazil was very good too. I lived with my family; I have 10 sisters and 5 brothers and I am right in the middle! I lived for my family, I miss them but I also love my life in London.