Literacy Writing: I know why the caged bird sings

bird cage

Literacy Writing: I know why the caged bird sings Students from IT for ESOL 3506 class at ELATT got their creative powers flowing by writing some poetry.Their poetry was inspired by the works of Maya Angelou. The world –renowned author, poet and civil rights activist.Segs Fayase, their teacher, said: “It was so inspiring to see […]

Poem: When Someone Smiles

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Poem: When Someone Smiles રમેશકુમાર જાંબુચા – કોઇ હસીને તો કોઇ રડીને દર્દ છુપાવે છે કોઇ હસીને તો કોઇ રડીને દર્દ છુપાવે છે,કેટલાયે મારી જેમ મજબૂરીથી ચલાવે છે. કોઇ એને જઇને જરૂરથી આટલું કહેજો,કે મારી ધડકન એની યાદો ચલાવે છે. આ કલમ પણ કમાલ કરે છે કાયમ જોને,શાહીથી બસ નામ એ તેનું લખાવે છે. દિલ […]

Poem: Drinking alone with the Moon

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Poem: Drinking alone with the Moon Li baiTranslated by Lingqin There is a jug of wine in the flower garden,Drinking alone without any friends.I raise my cup to invite the moon to join me,We are three people: the moon, my shadow and I.The moon does not drink, my shadow follows me.Accompanied by the moon and […]

Poem: Good Sense

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Poem: Good Sense Caqligii wanaagsan – Good sense Gorayadu ilmaheedAroori bay dhigtaayooAboodigu ku layaa,Shinbirtuna aroosay Ilaaxidhoo ammaana bayUbadkeeda seexisaa. The ostrich puts her young in the openWhere the hawk can kill them.The small birds marry and build a nest for their youngSo they can be safe. Kala awran labaduyeEdebtiyo aqoontiyoAsluubtay isku dhaafeenCaqligii wanagsaniItaal in uu […]

Poem: Wanderer

horse sunset

Poem: Wanderer by Octavian GogaTranslated by Anne-Marie Cries a blackbird in the forestAt the Dealu-Mare crossroads…Slowly approaches the hillA young man riding a horse…Down, in an enamelled sunset,Shines the mighty village church roof;Neighs the restless horse and risesTo his home he wants to go…On horseback sits the knight,He is looking to the house,With his sleeve […]

Poem: Do You Remember?

Image of Lake

Poem: Do You Remember? Do You Remember?by Ying Liu Do you remember?When we were children,We made an agreement:I would write a book of poetry,You are my first reader…But my youth has passed,And my face is wrinkled,I have not written it.Nowadays,My life has become a book ,Never read and covered with dust,In a strange city,With no […]

Poem: The Emigrants’ Train

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Poem: The Emigrants’ Train Il treno degli emigrantiGianni RodariWritten by Marua Non è grossa, non è pesantela valigia dell’emigrante…C’è un po’ di terra del mio villaggio,per non restar solo in viaggio…un vestito, un pane, un fruttoe questo è tutto.Ma il cuore no, non l’ho portato:nella valigia non c’è entrato.Troppa pena aveva a partire,oltre il mare […]

Poetry Introduction

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Poetry Introduction PROJECT “POETRY” – MISSION POSSIBLE …”you have to understandthat no one puts their children in a boatunless the water is safer than the land”…(Poem – Extract from Home) said the sorrowful British-Somalian author Warsan Shire, speaking about the tragedy of migration. Unfortunately, this phenomenon travels through time, space and people, with the same […]