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Friends of ELATT

The Friends of ELATT are a group of distinguished individuals who through their ambition, drive and determination have achieved success in life and work, placing education at the heart of their journey.   

The Friends of ELATT serve to inspire our students through their personal story and achievements, and also help spread the word about our work.  Meet our Friends here. 

Dr Thomas Mensah

Chemical engineer and inventor

Born in Kumasi, Ghana, Dr. Thomas Mensah is one of the four inventors and innovators of Fiber Optics Technology, the network infrastructure which supports the modern high speed Internet. 

Some of Dr Mensah’s many achievements include:

Dr Mensah is the author of four books, including The Right Stuff Comes in Black , Too telling the inspirational story of his journey from humble origins in Ghana to his rise to the top of the international technology industry.

Thomas Mensah

At ELATT, July 2020

"I had a great time talking at the ELATT student celebration.  I was really impressed by the enthusiasm of the students and teachers and look forward to seeing their students develop and succeed in their digital careers." 
Dr Thomas Mensah 

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Friends of ELATT FAQ

A Friend of ELATT is an informal role with the aim of helping our students to become aware of the various opportunities in the world of work which they otherwise might not be have access to. 
We simply ask you to dedicate your time for a few hours each year, inspiring our students (whether online or at our centre) to inspire them, and helping to raise awareness about what we do amongst your associates and others. 

How do I become a Friend of ELATT?

We build our Friends of ELATT through our existing network and people who are already close to and supportive of our mission, values and our work.   
If you would like to get involved with ELATT, please find out about how you can help at our Supporters page.  

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