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We're an award-winning charity with a long history of delivering exceptional IT courses

For over 30 years we have supported thousands of Londoners to better their lives across the capital. Our vision is a London where everyone can flourish, no matter their age, background or circumstances.  We welcome students who want to develop their skills, gain confidence and learn at any stage of their lives. 

The ELATT Enrichment Programme:

Supporting you in and out of the classroom

We know that qualifications matter in the workplace, but we also know that there is more to it than that. The modern employer is looking for those ‘soft skills’ that really make a difference: working with teammates, confidence, problem-solving, team-work and personal initiative. At ELATT, our students take part in a wide range of activities to help them improve their job prospects and get ahead!

Online Learning

We're here for you as the UK emerges from the coronavirus pandemic: our Sixth Form classes are now face-to-face again and we're offering all our adult courses live and tutor-led online.

Professional Classes

At ELATT you will be taught in small classes by teachers with a wealth of industry experience.   We were rated Grade 1 outstanding by Ofsted and pride ourselves on the high level of education you will receive here. You will be supported to learn new skills throughout your course and your tutor will help you with further progression onto your next course or into work. There are also a range of extra-curricular activities you can get involved in including industry trips to our wide range of industry partners, work experience and volunteering.  

Our classes have a fun and friendly atmosphere and many students make new friends with people they end up collaborating and working with after their courses. 

Financial Support

We know that adult learning can get expensive, and we have a Student Support Fund to help you. 0ur Student Support Fund can help you with:

  • childcare costs
  • travel costs to help you get to class
  • and whilst we're offering classes online, we can help you with equipment.

Get a FREE class at ELATT

In 2018-2019 we had 900 students in total, and only 10 had to pay fees. That means 890 (99.9%) got a free course!

Student Handbook

Mike Loomey

3 in 1 SEO Owner

"I was twice the average age of most of my fellow students. However, instead of saying I was too old; all the tutors at Elatt helped and..."

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Mary Curtis

ELATT Lead Administrator

"What drew me to ELATT is that the tutors and the staff really have the best interests of the students at heart and work above and beyond..."

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