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Covid 19 Update 19 April 2021 - Return to Kingsland Road Covid Risk Assessment

The government is offering free test kits to all families with school age children. These can be ordered using the link below:


Test kits should arrive within two days after ordering. You will receive 7 tests if you choose to have them delivered to your home or 14 if you pick them up from a test centre. Your child must be tested twice a week. It is not recommended to take the tests if your child has had COVID in the 3 months prior to testing, as this may result in a false positive reading.

Important - ELATT still plans to open its doors on the 20th of April 2021, following the Easter break, so we recommend commencing testing the week beginning the 12th of April. For the safety of all our young people and staff, your child will not be able to return to face-to-face learning until we have confirmation of a negative test result. Continual testing is mandatory to allow your child to continue with onsite learning. Learning will continue online if you prefer your child to stay at home.

Once you have received your child's test results, please complete this from with test results.

Please note that your child will not be able to attend without completion of this form declaring a negative result.

Covid 19 Update 31 December 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

When we last wrote to you we hoped to be able to test all our students at ELATT on Monday 4 January 2021. Unfortunately the government has now confirmed that we will not receive the tests until Wednesday 6 January. We now expect to be able to test all our students on Thursday 7 January and we will write to confirm early next week.

Due to this, and following the government's latest announcement on school return this evening (or yesterday evening if we send this tomorrow), we will now resume classes with the hybrid model on Monday 4 January. Students who are vulnerable and those who are the children of keyworkers can attend onsite next week, and all other students must study at home. If your child is vulnerable or you are keyworker, you are welcome to keep your child at home in the week of 4 January for reasons of their safety.

Please note that we will take registers next week for all classes whether students are studying at ELATT or at home.

We then expect to return to the normal hybrid timetable from Monday 11 January 2021.

Covid 19 Update 22 December 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

In line with new government guidelines, all students are asked to be tested prior to classes starting again in January. The objective is to find out if any of our students are Covid-19 positive but do not show any symptoms.

The government intend to send enough 'rapid-result tests' (called a Lateral Flow Test) for every school or college student in England. The result of the rapid-result test will be available within thirty minutes and, unlike the tests in your local Testing Centre, does not need to be sent to a laboratory.

Following this guidance, we have revised our reopening guidance for our Sixth Form students in January 2021.

We will run a Test Clinic at ELATT on Monday 4 January 2021 so that all our students have an opportunity to take a rapid-result test on site at ELATT.

Please note, if you or any member of your family are not feeling well, please take a test at your local Testing Centre prior to the new term, and do not attend class if you have any symptoms or have tested positive. The rapid-result test is only suitable for students who do not show symptoms.

Students will receive a text message on the week beginning on the 28/12/2020 to confirm that the rapid-result tests have safely arrived at ELATT and the time on Monday 4 January that the student should come to ELATT to have their test. Please do not come to ELATT outside the indicated time.

In order to prioritise the rapid-result testing, there will be no lessons carried out on that day. Classes will resume on Tuesday 5 January 2021.

As people who take this asymptomatic test do not have any symptoms when tested, there is no need to self-isolate. However, if the student tests positive, they will need to take a full test at your local Testing Centre. Your child will need to self-isolate while waiting for the results and then follow further advice.

We all seek to protect our community, ourselves and loved ones. Therefore, students will need to pay even more attention to remain in STRICT bubbles in and outside ELATT and follow our Wear Masks policy when at ELATT.

Covid 19 Update 3 December 2020

  • The second national lockdown has now ended, and we are continuing with limited onsite delivery for Sixth Form students only.
  • Visits continue by appointment only, and all students and visitors must wear a face covering in communal areas.

Covid 19 Update 5 November 2020

Visitor arrangements 5 November - 2 December.
ELATT is open during the new national lockdown. However, we are only open to students and visitors by appointment.
To book an appointment, please call 0800-0420-184 or email hello@elatt.org.uk.

Please note that all students and visitors must wear a face covering in all communal areas.

Covid 19 Update September 2020

In establishing the study plans for September term, the safety of our students and staff is our over-riding concern.  All our plans are subject to the level to which the coronavirus is controlled in the wider population.  We will be led by government guidance including from the Department for Education. 

If you show any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend class under any circumstances.

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    Entry to the Kingsland Road centre 

    Students will need to wait on the forecourt spaced 1 metre apart prior to entry to our premises. 
    We reserve the right to take a non-contact temperature test for all students upon entry if levels of infection are rising in our centre area.  

    General rules 

    Students will be allocated ‘study groups’ for class time and break time. 
    Classes will be restricted to a maximum of seven people including teacher and/or teaching assistant at any one time.  
    Students will remain within their ‘study groups’ for the duration of their time on site. 
    Students will not be allowed out of the classroom during class time other than for bathroom breaks.  
    Class start and finish times will be staggered to avoid overcrowding in our reception area. 
    Students must arrive within their allocation entry time.  
    Breaktimes will be staggered to avoid congestion in our shared areas during the day. 
    Students will be allowed to drink and have snacks in class away so long as this is away from the computers. 

    Premises Adaptations 

    We will make the following adaptations to the physical environment over August 2020: 

    • Reception will be screened off behind plexiglass 
    • Staff desks in the island will be separated with plexiglass 
    • We are removing the partition walls between meeting rooms 1 and 2, and 3 and 4, to create two medium-sized that can hold a maximum of two people. 
    • We will add directional signage throughout the building  
    • We are increasing the cleaning schedule at the premises 
    • We are moving all lighting to sensor-monitors so that there is no need to switch lights on and off. 


    Students must strictly adhere to these rules:

    • Do not attend class if you exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19.   
    • No physical contact with other students.  
    • Wash hands before every class 
    • Wipe keyboards and mouse using sterilised wipes after every session 
    • Bring their own cutlery and drinking cup / flask  


    If you show any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend class under any circumstances.  
    Should any member of your study group become unwell, all members of that study group will need to contract NHS Test and Trace.  All members of the study group, including teachers, teaching assistants and any visitors to the group will not be able to attend the physical classroom for 14 days.  
    You will then need to have a Covid-19 test.  In the event it is negative the study group will be able to attend the classroom again.  

    Face coverings 

    Common areas 
    Students will need to wear face coverings in common areas within the building.  
    At present, and in line with government guidance, we do not intend to require students and staff to wear face coverings in the classroom.  However, both students and staff can choose to wear face coverings if they wish. 

    Safeguarding and Prevent 

    Meanwhile, for all online learning we continue to meet our Covid-19 online safety guidance as issued in April 2020. 

    Specific guidance by department 

    Sixth Form 

    • We continue to be available full-time for keyworkers and other young people with specific needs. 
    • From September, we expect up to 50% of our Sixth Form students will be onsite each day.   
    • Your child may not be in a classroom with their lead course tutor. 

    Adult provision (Adult Vocational, Life Skills) 

    • Adult provision will remain largely online in term 1 of 2020-2021, and we aim to start introducing face-to-face social activities from November onwards.  

Covid 19 Update for Applicants March 2020:

  • If you have recently applied to ELATT do not worry about your place - we will still offer it to you.
  • We will be in touch soon to confirm the details of your course and how courses are being delivered online.
  • Please do not come to ELATT's centres to apply for a course at the moment. If you would like to apply for a course or ask about your existing application simply email hello@elatt.org.uk or phone 0800-0420-184

Covid 19 Update for Students March 2020:

  • All the teachers and staff are preparing resources and lessons for you to do at home. Please do not come into any of our centres until further notice.
  • Make sure you have an email address and check the email and phone number your teacher has for you. This is how your teachers will be setting your work and carrying on lessons.
  • If you have any problems getting internet please let your teacher know as quickly as possible.
  • If you are receiving any of our support services, we will contact you about them.
  • Our administration and teaching staff are here to continue to support you through your courses and qualifications, and with your future progression. We will make sure you can carry on learning from home.
  • ELATT will not stop delivering learning, but we will be working differently with a lot being delivered from home.
  • If you have any questions about using your email, phone, contacting your teacher or any other concerns please call us on 0800-0420-184.

Covid 19 Update for Parents/Carers March 2020:

  • Following the Government’s decision to close schools until further notice, ELATT is putting several practices in place during these exceptional times.
  • All students have been set work online throughout the closure period and this will be maintained by teachers from ELATT until further notice.
  • Please keep an eye on our website as notices and letters will be published there, as well as being sent to parent/carers.
  • We wish everyone to be safe and well in these exceptionally worrying times, and as a charity at the heart of the community, our support for the measures to keep all of us safe is at the centre of our actions.
  • Please keep an eye on this website as notices and letters will be published here and will be sent to parent/carers.
  • We hope that everyone stays safe and well in these exceptionally worrying times. As a charity at the heart of the community, we support measures which will help to protect us all.