Women's Day Presentations by our Students


Students on the Pre-Employment Trainership programme really got involved on International Women's Day on the 8th of March 2018.  After hearing about statistics that affect women all over the world from violence to pay inequality and celebrated women like Mother Theresa, Michelle Obama and many more, they decided to do presentations about women they admired. 

There are two presentations linked at the bottom: a presentation about Michelle Obama by Stefan Roye-Williams, and another one created by C'Jay Allen of Rosa Louise McCauley Parks. Their tutor, Segs, said: "I was very impressed at how quickly C'Jay put the presentation together and the special effects she used were amazing. And I was very impressed at the determination of Steffan to complete the presentation, and, to such good effect. Well done!".

We hope you enjoy the following presentations:

Michelle ObamaRosa Louise McCauley Parks

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