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Top 3 Reasons to Become a Web Developer

Thinking of moving into web design and development? We run a range of online and in-person courses to help you do that. But before you apply find out more about why you should move into this exciting industry!

3: A Constantly Evolving Industry

With how rapidly technology advances nowadays, you will always be learning and advancing alongside the industry. This creates an industry with an exceedingly high and constant potential for growth in your abilities. Working in Web Development can not only be a highly rewarding career path, given the high skills ceiling, but as we as a society progress further and technology becomes an essential part of our everyday lives, Web Development will give you a future proof skillset that will secure your place on the forefront of the modern workplace.

2: A Creative Path

If you are a creative person, you will find Web Development to be a fun and creative outlet for you. The modern nature of Web Development also means you as a creator can use it to truly flex your creative muscles and go hard on the paint with your unique style. Creativity is not only a great bonus, it is also a highly desirable trait. If you can really show off your creative side in your work, you will quickly find yourself in high demand. The more you can show off and make your websites utterly unique, the more big-name companies will want to hire you.

1: Earning Potential

If you can really flex your creative muscles and advance your skills alongside technology enough to attract potential employers, organisations are known to pay very high salaries for highly skilled Web Developers. According to Glassdoor, Web Developers make an average of £35k annually whilst certain fields in Web Development can go as high as £100k a year. Even with such high salaries, Web Development demand shows no sign of slowing down. There’s never been a better time financially to break into the Web Development field.

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