Hyde Park

hyde park overview

Hyde Park Where can we be more social then in a crowded place like Hyde Park? Here we find noisy children, weirdly dressed teenagers, overly affectionate adults and grumpy old men, not to mention the barking dogs. Of course, as you imagine, I have exaggerated the picture just to put a little humour in this […]

London Aquarium

people in front of aquarium

London Aquarium We went to the London Aquarium on the 04/02/2016. This was a one of the most fantastic trips in our class. There were so many kinds of fishes. I was very excited. There was the biggest turtle I have ever seen. Some people think about the white shark is massive and is the […]

Soho Square

box on grass

Soho Square There are different places where we can be relaxed and calm. Being surrounded by nature can help to reach this sense of serenity, but it’s not enough. Some months ago, it was a Friday afternoon, I met up with my boyfriend after work. He was really stressed for some deadlines and I was […]

Regent’s Park

regent's park view

Regent’s Park I visit a lot of good community spaces in London. My friends and I take the kids to play football in Hackney Marches and canoeing. Sometime we go fishing. I go swimming. When I was in Morocco my husband took my kids to the sea for fishing every day. They caught a lot […]