Health Champions

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The Mindfulness Session

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The Mindfulness Session We had a mindfulness session from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Jan 11 2016. All of the students came from ELATT. It was a wonderful session. We all enjoyed the session. We had a good time with the teacher and everyone enjoyed the session. We learned how to control our breath and how […]

World Religion Day

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World Religion Day 17th January 2016World Religion Day is on the third Sunday in January each year. World Religion Day’s purpose is to promote that the world’s religions are harmonious and play a role in unifying humanity. In my opinion: for so many religions the principles and the rules are similar. They tell people to […]

ESOL Workout

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ESOL Workout Phoebe’s E2 Speaking and Listening class wanted to share their knowledge about healthy living, so they made a workout video. Put it on, pump up the volume and get fit with ELATT’s ESOL students! Latest Posts