ESOL Workout

person doing exercise

ESOL Workout Phoebe’s E2 Speaking and Listening class wanted to share their knowledge about healthy living, so they made a workout video. Put it on, pump up the volume and get fit with ELATT’s ESOL students! Latest Posts

‘No’ to ESOL Cuts!

person petitioning against esol cuts

‘No’ to ESOL Cuts! On Tuesday 24 November 2015, Phoebe and Yvonne ESOL Entry 2 Speaking and Listening class wrote about ESOL cuts. They took photos and they put on twitter because they really need ESOL classes. They get a lot of help from ESOL. We need ESOL classes to develop our English skills for […]

Fighting against ESOL cuts

protest against esol cuts

Fighting against ESOL cuts In London on 14th October in front of the Houses of Parliament, lots of people protested against the government cuts to ESOL funding. The ESOL learners came together to show that they needed their funds back. These people were from different areas of London, different colleges and schools. The students were […]