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Developing employability skills while studying

Not only can you study towards a qualification with us, but you can also receive personal employment and careers advice to take you to the next level!

“When I first came to the UK, I felt like I was taking my first step in a journey towards my future career. [...] These courses have helped me a lot, gave me more confidence in my skills.”

Building skills and confidence

We are a learning community that looks after your learning needs as a whole so that you enter the employment world not just with more knowledge, but also with more skills and confidence.

Martina studied our Introduction to Photoshop course and found that “during my short time at ELATT I received a lot of support that has helped immensely. I was initially given advice and support to revamp my CV, which was far too long. Refreshing my interview technique and preparing for interviews in advance helped and without the practice I wouldn’t have done well.”

Joining ELATT, you could be one of the 88% of our students who felt that they improved their workplace skills when they graduated. Martina reflected that the support helped her “feel so much more confident in my skills and presentation.”

Our students graduate thinking differently about themselves and their future.

We go the extra mile for your employment

We understand the needs of today’s workplace and have experts and professional industry insiders to guide you through the learning journey and your professional development. We know that it can feel like a big task to prepare yourself for job applications, interviews and skills. That is why, apart from regular classes, we also offer students one-to-one support for job application and interview skills.

Our advisors go the extra mile to connect you with what you need in order to do your best in your search for employment. For example, Martina’s journey benefited from the personalised support we offer. Her ELATT advisor “sent my CV to a GP surgery and I was invited for an interview. She arranged for me to visit Smart Works to get interview clothing. I got the job and thought I would have to stop the course as my shift pattern fell on my study day. My advisor said I could continue with the course and arranged for me to have support on my days off to cover the course and class hours.”

This extra support helped Martina and almost 80% of our students progress into new employment or studies last year. If you are looking for both professional training and personal support from tutors and advisors who care, have a look at our courses and ask us your questions today!