Wellbeing Support

"I love the Wellbeing Service! My classes took part in workshops including Nutrition & Fussy Eaters, Mindfulness & Breathwork, Dance with Lucilia and Art with Sabine" - Tutor Feedback

"Wellbeing workshops are always a good thing to take part, they boost your confidence and help you know a little bit more yourself and how to take care of yourself better." - Student Feedback

In this time of rising cost of living, financial pressures and uncertainty, remaining on track with your studies can be a challenge. But we know that each one of our students has the resilience, determination and ability within themselves to overcome these challenges and achieve their goals in life and work. Our Wellbeing Service is designed to help you develop essential skills, empowering you to stay in control of the situations you face in your life, work and study.

Why the Wellbeing Service was formed:

The Wellbeing Service was formed in response to student needs. At the core of the Wellbeing Service, and throughout its operation, is the ethos of co-production. Students create the Service by sharing their skills, volunteering, representing student voice and contributing to the shape of the service in feedback events. Wellbeing Officers listen, facilitate and maintain the safety and efficacy of the Service. Zoom workshops and in person events aim to reach students where they are- in life, learning and experience. Respect, voice, social action and responsibility can be supported through these engagements.


Our services at the Wellbeing Service (WBS) are designed to support overall wellbeing and provide various forms of assistance.

Group Workshops

Our group workshops cover topics such as physical and mental health, art, practical tips on wellbeing, and the opportunity to share experiences with peers. These workshops provide emotional support and fresh perspectives, empowering adults in education to improve their self-esteem. By learning new things and sharing their experiences, individuals find a sense of purpose and increased self-esteem, fostering a greater sense of community and connection.

1 to 1 Student Focus Sessions

Our 1 to 1 student focus sessions with our Wellbeing Officer Zelda, provide personalized attention and support for students. If you need extra support, you can contact Zelda or you can talk with your tutor.

In addition to our core services, we also provide support to students through the following initiatives:

(WBS) Support through mentoring helps students establish and run their own wellbeing workshops. These presentations can help students to flourish in their chosen career or interest.

WSL's (Workshop Leaders) represent their skills, within the WBS platform, by preparing and running workshops

Volunteers at the WBS can experience work in a team, enhance their abilities and create job opportunities

Signposting and referrals to support services

The Wellbeing Service aims to meet students where they are and work together to get their needs met. Our wellbeing officers are qualified in counselling skills, yoga, mindfulness, and creative therapies.