Charles Opoku

IT Manager

Charles Opoku started working as an IT and data input assistant at a training and development solutions social enterprise called Account 3 in East London. Charles enjoyed his job, but after a couple of years he wanted to progress in his career by gaining professional qualifications and taking more responsibility of Account 3’s technical solutions. During his apprenticeship with ELATT, Charles studied at ELATT one day a week and spent the rest of the week applying his newly acquired skills at Account 3. After successfully completing his apprenticeship, Charles became Head of IT.


Charles says: “ELATT’s apprenticeship scheme gave me the confidence and new technical skills that were so valuable to me for my studies and at work. It was amazing to find a place where I could develop and enhance my skills, gain professional qualifications and apply everything I had learnt at work, at the same time. Now I know that I can study and work and achieve great things, I am striving to achieve more professional qualifications so that I can continually do well in my career. Sadly, I am leaving Account 3 and I will miss this job, but the great thing is, I have learnt so much and I will apply all my expertise to my new job where I will be managing the IT networks at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. I couldn’t have done this without ELATT’s apprenticeship scheme, and I am very grateful that I had this brilliant experience and opportunity.”


Giving people the chance to develop their careers and choose which industry they want to work in, is also a vital aspect of enabling people to gain employment. Charles’ story is a good example of how a career can evolve after completing an Apprenticeship. This scheme enables people to discover their potential and continue to reach out for better opportunities.