What do people say about ELATT?

What parents say about ELATT

“Would highly recommend. The staff are [a] very supportive. Small group learning for additional needs got my son from zero to hundred so much that he is going to university.”

“I wish my son went to ELATT first as his progress has been better than we could have hoped since he began studying there”

“[ELATT] was where he [my son] genuinely flourished as a person, figured out his interests and career choices!”

What students say about ELATT

“I don’t think I would be where I am today if ELATT hadn’t helped me take my first steps.”
“I think the biggest benefit of studying at ELATT is that I’ll have these qualifications when I go to find a job. I’ve learnt skills such as using creative programmes that I never knew how to use before, like software for editing photos, music and videos. I’ve enjoyed all of the trips, I really liked the Tate Modern. Our teachers are amazing, they really understand teenagers -they speak to me about the class and things outside of the class.”
“When I joined, I received the biggest welcome, so my first instinct was how lovely ELATT was my second was how much they care about people’s futures. ELATT isn’t like a college, it’s like a big bubble – a family. They support you and they actually want you to succeed. I’ve always been determined, but now, thanks to ELATT, I have a real pride in myself.”

What the community say about ELATT

“ELATT and Opus 2 have been in partnership since 2014, beginning with industry exchange activities and now progressing to employing staff from co-designed courses. We’re passionate about CSR and so is ELATT- but we see CSR as more than giving help to charity organisations once a year. We see it as a way to genuinely help people get up the ladder and on with life. There’s someone from ELATT in the office every single day!”
Kiran Shoat, Senior Project Manager, Opus 2
“This is important work that is being carried out in a sensitive and caring way and is having a very good impact.”
Tower Hamlets Community Church
“ELATT is an excellent place where the learners are very committed, enthusiastic and motivated!”
UBS Partner
“ELATT is an outstanding organisation committed to the holistic development of its students and staff. It is an organisation with strong values, integrity, and high standards, as well as a place where students feel they have been listened to, supported and invested in.”
Caitlin Burbridge, East London Community Organiser, Citizens UK