Space in the Community

UK Space Agency
ELATT 40th Anniversary

ELATT has always been about breaking barriers and making technology inclusive and accessible to everyone.

Since our very early days in the 1980s when Charlie Buxton first founded ELATT, we were at the forefront of supporting local people in Tower Hamlets and Hackney to learn how to build, programme and use computers: long before many businesses had even noticed the opportunity.


And now in our 40th year, through with our new project ‘Space in the Community’ generously funded by the UK Space Agency, we can finally push that passion to the ultimate frontier: space!

About Space in the Community

Aimed at our students of disadvantaged and low-income backgrounds, Space in the Community will encourage and enthuse underserved young people in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and East London to consider higher education options and future careers in the field of space.


Centred around a free monthly sci-fi film club, and supported by our partners Odd Eyes Theatre, Rich Mix and a variety of expert guest speakers, our students will host space film screenings, develop tech and written materials and resources on the theme of space travel leading to an exhibition in March 2025 of their work.

Our project aims are:

50 students at ELATT will produce project work with the theme of space embedded into their curriculum of learning.

7 film club showings and discussions at Rich Mix.

12 presentations and joint activities with expert partners, corporate partners and related campaigns.

A 1-week exhibition at Rich Mix of students’ work to promote space and space-related future careers open to members of the community.

New teaching materials for sixth form students on the theme of space.


Space Ambassadors

We are looking for space and tech companies to meet and mentor our students! If you work in space or tech and would like to mentor our students, please contact us.