Equal Voices

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About this Project

Equal Voices supports migrant women in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest to become community leaders who take action on issues affecting their neighbourhood. The programme includes:

participatory rights and citizenship workshops

language development for participants with ESOL needs

community organiser training delivered in partnership with Citizens UK

neighbourhood listening sessions to identify key local issues

planning, organising and evaluating community campaigning actions

wraparound welfare and housing advice and support for all participants

Create an action plan to explore the possibilities for change in your own life through our MILES assessment tool

Discover a shared voice through our 'change-maker' forums and build your confidence in speaking

Celebrate your expertise and learning with the wider community through our 'Capability Workshops'

Become involved in local campaigns of importance to you

Activate your voice in the community and become a leader in your own life

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