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Celebrating our volunteers #VolunteersWeek 2021

Volunteer Testimonials

This Volunteers’ Week we’d like to thank our volunteers and share their stories. We have had over 55 volunteers this year and their support for our students is so important to our excellent student satisfaction and success rates. Volunteers have been vital during our live, tutor-led online lessons during the pandemic. Volunteer TA’s provide essential support to those in need of additional tech support whilst the teacher continues the live lesson, ensuring no one is left behind whilst we’ve been locked down.

Read on to hear what ELATT volunteers have to say about their experience...

I started volunteering with ELATT after I found myself jobless during the pandemic in 2020. I’ve loved having the opportunity to help others, and meet new people whilst developing my skills and knowledge, and supporting a fantastic charity! The team are so flexible and accommodating, and the training is great plus there are a range of ways you can get involved; I initially planned to support the admin team as this is where my work experience lies, but instead decided I’d try my hand at being a teaching assistant in the virtual ESOL classes and loved every minute! My time volunteering with ELATT has opened so many doors and given me the confidence to pursue a new career in Speech and Language Therapy. I would encourage anyone considering volunteering with ELATT to go for it - it has been an absolute game changer for me!

I had the opportunity to do volunteer work in two ways for Elatt. I assisted my teacher in the creation of some digital materials (forms) and also as an assistant in a group of beginners. It was an experience that allowed me to learn a lot. It was amazing to meet people from different parts of the world, with so many different stories and a lot of willpower to be there. It was definitely inspiring! I recommend it to everyone who has a little time. It will be an incredible experience for you and will help others! Thank you Elatt for the opportunity!

I have been a volunteer teaching assistant since July 2020 and I am half way through my third term of teaching alongside the main ESOL teacher. The best thing about volunteering for me is simply the time you get to spend having conversations with people that I would never get the opportunity to interact with otherwise. I have met numerous different people all from different backgrounds and cultures and I have learned so much about each individual one. I have gained so much confidence in not only speaking to new people but in my own teaching ability. When I started I found it difficult to know what to say to students and now I am happy to take control of a lesson if I need to and guide the students in the right direction effectively. This is what I found challenging in the beginning. It is hard to know what questions to ask students and how to relate to them when they speak little English but I have learned that a friendly face and smile can go a long way. I would definitely recommend volunteering and teaching to others whether it be to develop your own career or to fill some spare time as you will get as much out of it as the students do from your help.

My experience as a student and then as a volunteer at ELATT has been the most precious time in my education. ELATT gave me the opportunity to volunteer as a teaching assistant. I have met many teachers here who made a good impact in my life, the staff are kind and always happy to help in any way they can. After my time at ELATT, I had the opportunity to get a job and improve myself in many areas.