people attending the student celebration 2017 event

Student Celebration Day 2017

On Wednesday 19th July we hosted another fantastic student celebration day event. The day started off with a series of workshops held by ELATT staff and our amazing volunteers from Lloyds Bank who kindly hosted two workshops; cyber security and mobile savviness. Crowdskills also hosted a workshop in entrepreneulism which interested so many of our students. We had so many other interesting workshops such as salsa dancing! We were surprised by how many students arrived to our workshops and lunch, and were as happy as them to be present during the day.

In the afternoon, everyone was invited to Haggerston Community Centre for a feast of food and music. We were amazed by how many welcome students, partners, staff and volunteers arrived. The celebration went by ever so smoothly with lots of dancing and fun discussions. We’re really pleased that everyone came, we enjoyed it as much as our guests did!