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Stellar Aspirations: Igniting Futures with 'Space in the Community'

We are thrilled to announce our new project, ‘Space in the Community,’ an initiative designed to inspire and empower young people from disadvantaged and low-income backgrounds in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and East London. By introducing them to the wonders of space and the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), this initiative —funded by the UK Space Agency— aims to provide a unique learning experience that combines education with excitement.

A Journey Through Space in the Community

Space exploration represents one of humanity’s most engaging frontiers. This project leverages the universal appeal of space to motivate and educate, making STEM subjects accessible and intriguing to students from varied backgrounds. By positioning space exploration at the forefront of education, we aim to inspire a generation of learners to envision their future in these fields, exploring the unknown and the potential for new discoveries.

Centred around a free monthly sci-fi film club and supported by our partners Odd Eyes Theatre, Rich Mix, and a variety of expert guest speakers, our students will host space film screenings, develop tech and written materials, and resources on the theme of space travel, leading to an exhibition in March 2025 of their work.

Our project aims are:

  • 50 students at ELATT will produce project work with the theme of space embedded into their curriculum of learning.
  • 7 film club showings and discussions at Rich Mix.
  • 12 presentations and joint activities with expert partners, corporate partners, and related campaigns.
  • A 1-week exhibition at Rich Mix of students’ work to promote space and space-related future careers open to members of the community.
  • New teaching materials for sixth-form students on the theme of space.

“We are looking forward to collaborate with ELATT’s students as they become Space Ambassadors, facilitating their vision to create unique content to share with other young people in their communities about Space and opportunities for careers in space.”

An Invitation to the Cosmos: Film Screenings at Rich Mix

Mark your calendars for our sci-fi film screenings at Rich Mix, a key component of our ‘Space in the Community’ project. These events are not just film showings; they are gateways to imagination, learning, and inspiration. Open to other schools and colleges for free, these screenings offer a blend of entertainment and education designed to spark curiosity and a love for space. More details will be announced soon, promising a galactic journey that you won’t want to miss.

Screening Dates:

  • Tuesday, 21st May 2024
  • Wednesday, 26th June 2024
  • Tuesday, 24th September 2024
  • Thursday, 24th October 2024
  • Thursday, 28th November 2024
  • Tuesday, 21st January 2025
  • Wednesday, 26th February 2025

All screenings will take place from 10am to 2pm.

Engaging with the Cutting Edge

Our guest speakers – experts and professionals working at the cutting edge of space technology, climate, and careers – will share their insights, opening the doors to the endless possibilities within the space sector. This collaboration is crucial in bridging the gap between education and industry, providing students with a glimpse into their potential future careers.

Becoming a Space Ambassador

The journey doesn’t end with learning; we are calling on space and tech companies to engage and mentor our students. If you work in space or tech and would like to mentor our students, please contact us.

Exploring Space Across the Curriculum

The project extends into the classroom where students will explore various aspects of space across different subjects, including space in the arts and entertainment, careers in space, technology programming and AI, and ethics. From creative writing about life in space in English class to developing space-themed computer games in Digital Media and Software Development, students will engage with the theme of space in diverse and innovative ways.

In conclusion, ‘Space in the Community’ is more than just a project; it’s a gateway to the future, empowering students to explore, learn, and dream. By integrating space into education, we are not merely teaching students about the universe; we are illustrating their place within it.

We are in the process of finalising the list of guest speakers and activities, which promise to enrich our students’ learning experience. Stay tuned for the latest information by following our social media accounts and visiting the ‘Space in the Community’ webpage.

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