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Skills Minister Welcomes Leading 3rd Sector Provider’s Approach to Supporting Students Back into Work

ELATT, East London’s only Grade 1 FE provider, welcomed the Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships, Rt Hon Anne Milton MP, to their newly-renovated Hackney learning centre today. In her first formal engagement since last week’s reshuffle, the Minister met ELATT staff and students studying a variety of career pathways.

“We were delighted to welcome the Minister to ELATT to see staff and students in action, and to discuss the importance of our work supporting adult returners and young people who have benefited from the 1:1 support and personal touch we offer.
“It was a great for the Minister to hear first-hand from students about the challenges they face when entering or returning to FE, and our staff really appreciated the chance to convey their views in person to the Minister. It was a pleasure as a specialist provider to share our experiences with the Minister and offer insights into our day-to-day operations; from meeting individual needs to organisational planning processes.”

“I was impressed that a minister would take time out of her busy schedule to visit a training centre like ELATT, she seemed genuinely interested in my journey, not least the difficulties of raising three disabled children whilst learning. ELATT plays a very important role in my community, and I hope they keep doing their good work training people like me and helping us re-enter the workforce with confidence after a long period out of work.”

“I enjoyed the Minister’s visit and it was great to hear her own history as a nurse in my community and experiences of working in Hackney. It was an opportunity to tell the Minister about how ELATT has helped me and students here. The 1:1 support I received inspired me to do the same for students and come back as a Student Support Coordinator.
“The Minister was very interested in my educational journey with ELATT and life as a single mother. In fact she gave me a very helpful tip about the media apprenticeship degree programme at the BBC, which I’ll definitely be looking up for my daughter. Discussing my journey face-to-face with the Minister, and the work I now do supporting students, was a brilliant way to the start the week!”

“I was hugely impressed by what I saw at ELATT and to hear first-hand from students about how their lives have been turned round by the education they have received at ELATT.
“Regardless of your circumstances, it is never too late to unlock your potential through education and training. The students and dedicated staff I met at ELATT are a testament to that.
“It is vital that we encourage more people to seize the opportunity to learn throughout their lives, which will help us to build the skilled workforce our economy needs.
“I was so impressed with the determination and passion of all the staff and learners. Well done to them all.”