people being vaccinated for covid-19

Another winter is coming! How to protect yourself from Covid 19: UKHSA's advice

Experience from these past two years has taught us that cold weather is not our best ally in limiting the spread of diseases. Colds, flu cases, and other respiratory illnesses are more common in colder months. ELATT intends to raise awareness on how to protect yourself from COVID-19-according to UK Health Security Agency guidelines. We also care about the people in our community and want to spread as much knowledge as possible to give everyone equal access of knowledge to important information on protecting oneself but also others surrounding.

Guess what! If you are considered vulnerable or related to someone considered vulnerable, it is the perfect chance to let you and them know that the NHS will soon offer covid-19 autumn boosters!

Now, what does this mean for you?

If you are 50 years and older, resident in a care home for older people, aged five years and over in a clinical risk group, or have a weakened immune system, expect to be offered a COVID-19 Autumn Booster between September and December!

Why do I need an Autumn Booster?

  • To build your protection against severe illness before this winter
  • To reduce risk of being admitted to the hospital with COVID-19

Are you a Tower Hamlets resident? If so, where can I get my booster?

The Autumn Booster is accessible among many pharmacies throughout Tower Hamlets Borough. Whether you live in Whitechapel, Bethnal Green or Mile End, Canary Wharf, or Aldgate, you might live next door to a pharmacy that offers consultations and vaccinations. You can view the list of pharmacies in Tower Hamlets below:

Pharmacies (COVID-19 Consultations and *Vaccinations):

  • *Chapel Pharmacy | 139 Cannon Street, E1 2LX (MSOA: Aldgate)
  • *Green Light Pharmacy | 115 Harford St, E1 4FG (MSOA: Limehouse North & Stepney East)
  • *Green Light Pharmacy | 2 Hannaford Walk, E3 3FF (MSOA: Bromley-by-Bow East)
  • *Jaypharm Pharmacy | 361 Commercial Road, E1 2PS (MSOA: Whitechapel)
  • *Kamsons Pharmacy | 18 Stroudley Walk, E3 3EW (MSOA: Bromley-by-Bow East)
  • *Lansbury Pharmacy | 85 Chrisp Street, London E14 6GG (MSOA: Poplar Leaside)
  • *Lincoln Pharmacy | 124 St Paul’s Way, E3 4QA (MSOA: Mile End East & Burdett Estate)
  • *Sai Chemist | 19 Stable Walk, E1 8EJ (MSOA: Aldgate)
  • *Shantys Pharmacy | 253 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DB (MSOA: Bethnal Green South)
  • Ali’s Chemist | 93 Watney St, E1 2QE (MSOA: Shadwell Basin & Ratcliffe)
  • Bell Pharmacy | 534 Roman Rd, E3 5ES (MSOA: Bow North & Fish Island)
  • Britannia Pharmacy | 257-259 Poplar High Street, E14 0BE (MSOA: Blackwall & Leamouth)
  • Britannia Pharmacy | 35 Aberfeldy Street, London E14 0NU (MSOA: Poplar Central)
  • Britannia Pharmacy | 80 Roman Road, London E2 0PG (MSOA: Bethnal Green East)
  • Britannia Pharmacy – ASDA | Unit 9 ASDA, 151 East Ferry Road, E14 3BB (MSOA: Mudchute)
  • Britannia Pharmacy – Barkantine | 121 Westferry Road, London E14 8JH (MSOA: Canary Wharf)
  • Nash Chemist | 817 Commercial Road, London E14 7HG (MSOA: Limehouse East)
  • Regionchoice Pharmacy Ltd | 68 Cambridge Heath Rd, E1 5QJ (MSOA: Bethnal Green Central)

Other Pharmacies (*COVID-19 Vaccinations)

  • *Boots | Unit 15 Jubilee Place 45 Bank Street, E14 5NY (MSOA: Canary Wharf)
  • *Forward Pharmacy | 648 Mile End Road, E3 4LH (MSOA: Mile End East & Burdett Estate)
  • *Columbia Pharmacy | 104 Columbia Road, E2 7QB (MSOA: Columbia Road)
  • *Jaypharm Chemist (off-site) | 4 Brayford Square, E1 0SG (MSOA: Stepney Green)
  • *Tower Pharmacy | 50 Wapping Lane, E1W 2RL (MSOA: Tower Hill & Wapping South)

Common side effects for all Covid-19 vaccines include:

  • Feeling tired
  • Headache
  • General aches or mild flu-like systems

You should seek medical advice, if you feel that you have experienced serious side effects such as:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feelings of a pounding heart

ELATT wishes you the best of health for this winter. Hopefully, if you are a Tower Hamlet resident, you now have a better and more precise idea of getting your Covid-19 Autumn booster. For further information or enquiries to get a Covid-19 booster, click here to follow the guidelines.

Veronica Gianelli