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Poem - Cosmo Dub

We once all knew that many from one is natural and a beautiful thing.
On first contact, dark-skinned cultures welcomed outsiders as kings.
But messenger, is the root of this word king.
Not dominator. That’s retarded and blashpheming.

A false notion of God is what allows racism.
For 12 hundred years, embedded in the western system.
To fight against racism is to outgrow their white God thing.
So Atheism is rife, but Steppers know a higher thing.

Go back to the roots, but how far do you go back?
Not just Jesus, the oldest body found in England was black.
Egyptian civilisation was seeded from Scotland. Process that.
These concepts transcend race, so powerful Christians hide facts.

No one grows a garden with just one type of flower.
To do that, is to deny the range, of Ra’s power.