people taking food from table

Our November capability skills sharing workshop

On 24th November we had an amazing capability skills sharing workshop event at ELATT HQ. This was hosted by Equal Voices students who kindly swapped their skills for donations to Cancer Research UK. There were knitting sessions, make up sessions and tutorials, massages and A LOT of food which including swapping recipes. Everyone had a great time and generously donated. The students loved teaching each other their skills and treating each other, whilst enjoying food from many different cultures.

Almaz and Adi our students who took part said:

‘We prepare food for donation for the charity of cancer and every student and staff buy the food. It was nice for example my traditional food and all my classmate prepare traditional food. Some of us work on the makeup , massage and other things . Before that our computer teacher tell us to write on the computer and print it out and put on the wall and all people can choose from what they want.’ It was a great event and all students and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. Congrats to everyone involved!