image of Naima Elmansouri

Newsletter: January 2020

Introduction with Naima Elmansouri, Head of Vocational Training

‘This year for Digital Media Production we have introduced 2 new elements to our courses and have added brand new areas of learning to our curriculum. We also introduced a new Software Development course. Learners are taught Block programming using Minecraft, Python, and SDLC as new topics.

We are introducing Unity software game design and 3D design & modeling to our programme to develop their entry point skills in these areas.

We are also introducing Software development Level 2 intermediate Python, Modelling (agile), Java programming and Presentation methods (app in a day).
Our Software/Web Design and Development courses are contemporary, up to date to current industry standards and requirements. As the demand for web design & development in the job sector continues to grow, hence we strongly believe more and more students will benefit from these courses.’