writing books stacked on top of each other

National Writing Day (Celebrated by E3 ICT Learning Champions students)

21st of June marked National Writing Day, and students from our E3 ICT Learning Champions contributed to this fun and positive occasion.

Len, Adi and Jacqueline all wrote short stories on the themes of busy lives in London and, randomly, working as a prime minster.

Their teacher, Segs, said: “It was great to see the creativity from the students. They felt inspired by National Writing Day and came up with ideas of what their short stories could be about. It’s great to see how creative writing can help literacy.”

Please read the short stories here:

‘Maria lived in London 2 years ago. She loved to go to the parks, museums and beach. She was happy when visiting these places. She told me that she became unfriendly because her job was stressful. Now Maria lives in Ibiza, she has another job which it less stressful and she lives in front of the beach. She feels more comfortable, relax and happy.’
By Jacqueline

‘Bibi walked in the street and he sees every one busy and stressed. Bibi is unfriendly because he haven’t got time to talk with people. He is working as the Prime Minister and he likes his job. He is married to June. He is married 10 years or more and he is happy in his life.’
By Adi

‘Steve lives in London. He lives in Hackney his job is a park cleaner. Some days he is miserable and some days happy. He works in the open. He moans about the weather, I told him today it is 34`c. That made him more miserable. He said laughing and joking to me sling your hook. The last time it was this hot was back in 1976. I told him if you don`t like heat pack up the job and get a job indoors. I laughed and joked with him and said you should get the Prime Ministers’ job.’
By Len

‘I saw in the google fly cars that is new technology I like that. For future is very nice because save the time received to the place very fast that is good. The world technology is going very quick let’s see future how money changes come in the world.’
By Sharafat