image of Rasa student support advisor and business recruitment officer at ELATT

Meet Rasa: from learner at ELATT to Student Support Advisor/Business Recruitment Officer

My name is Rasa and I’m a Student Support Advisor and Business Recruitment Officer at ELATT. However, I actually began my ELATT journey as a student. Before coming to ELATT, I was unemployed and looking for work. I had never used a computer before, which was a huge setback for me. I popped into the Kingsland Road centre and the staff helped me understand my options and what would be best for me to study.

I studied IT for the Office from beginners to L2. My tutors were Ivo and Rita. Rita was extremely patient with all of us as we had many questions and most of the time asked to explain the task more than 2 times, it’s not that we could not do it, but just making sure that we doing it right. Tutor reassurance helped us a lot.

It sounds funny now but, I was afraid to use the internet just in case I pressed the wrong button and all my personal data would be taken from my account! Even the word Google in big letters on my screen made me feel uneasy!

After completing the course I volunteered with ELATT for some time and then applied for a part time job as a Receptionist/Administrator. I have now been working for ELATT since 2007.

My job title has changed as I progressed within the company. At the moment my main job is supporting students getting on to ELATT courses – I work as a Student Support Adviser/Business Recruitment Officer. My experience from coming as a student to now helping students means I can really understand how it feels when you’re just starting out.

ELATT is one of the best places that I have studied and worked at. The staff and learners are amazing. It is wonderful to see people getting one step closer to their dream job or the dream career. I would like to keep working for ELATT as well as progressing within my job.

I would encourage anyone that needs computer skills come and study here. The staff are passionate about helping you reach your full potential and progress further. It does not matter if you feel that you tried somewhere else but did not succeed – just take one step at the time and say I can do it; I will try and do my best. All of us have to face our fears at one time or other, so please don’t give up on yourself. We are here for you, so make your efforts count.

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