image of certificates from hackney giving

Meet May: ELATT's Public Health Community Champion

ELATT are proud to have been selected as a Contact Point for Public Health Information by Hackney Giving. This means we have a recognised status as a trusted information source within the local Hackney Community.

May is our staff Public Health Community Champion, after taking it upon herself to undertake training with Volunteer Centre Hackney, she was the perfect volunteer to run the Contact Point Project. May has been with ELATT since 2011, initially starting as an ESOL courses TA before becoming an ESOL tutor in 2014.

You may have already met May or one of the City and Hackney Public Health Community Champion Volunteers, as they have been joining lessons online to run workshops about Coronavirus, restrictions and vaccinations. Feedback from these workshops have been excellent, with many students feeling less anxious and reporting a greater understanding of the situation after discussing their concerns. If you haven’t met May or any of the four trained Public Health Community Champion student volunteers, you might meet them soon, as we have more workshops planned.

Spaces are available for more volunteers and students to become Public Health Community Champions. You will receive full training and attend regular update meetings about local health concerns.

If you would like to become a Public Health Community Champion, or have any questions, concerns or ideas about this project, please contact Catriona.