mayor of hackney group photo in ELATT

Mayor of Hackney visits ELATT

On Friday 21st October Philip Glanville the new Mayor of Hackney visited us at ELATT HQ as part of his tour around East London alongside Citizens UK. We were really excited to be introduced to Mayor Glanville and to showcase our Haggerston centre and get the chance to introduce him to some of our fantastic students. Our Equal Voices students prepared a special presentation for him which was really well received. Mayor Glanville was really engaged throughout and was very interested in finding out more about the project and our wider community project portfolio.

The Equal Voices project supports women who don’t have a voice at a leadership level in their communities. It helps them gain confidence to talk about issues that matter to them, for example local issues. This project is in partnership with Citizens UK so this was the perfect project to showcase to Mayor Glanville. Furthermore, Equal Voices offers women from diverse backgrounds to join our ‘change-maker’ forums, celebrate and share cultural identities, recognise their capabilities and develop new voices through shared narrative and experience. One of the local issues our students felt strongly about was ensuring refugees are welcoming and integrated into the community.

This visit was really important and timely. It wasn’t just about raising awareness of our fantastic Equal Voices project but about showcasing ELATT itself to the new Mayor. We also had the chance to speak to Mayor Glanville about working together to secure more apprenticeships in Hackney. We are really ambitious about working together to make sure Hackney residents get the right work experience opportunities. The conversation felt very meaningful and we were so glad to have met Mayor Glanville as he is beginning to be introduced to the wider community. We’re looking forward to seeing the progress he’ll make throughout Hackney.

ELATT staff and students support Citizen UK’s ask for London Borough Hackney to resettle seven refugees by Christmas- visit Citizen UK’s website for more info.