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Learning works when you’re in the right place to succeed

We supported Loredana and Sheldon through their study challenges. They are now employed and here to tell you how we can help you too.

Thinking of developing your job prospects by getting further training is a big step! But it is one that we can help you make smoothly. At ELATT our friendly staff, outstanding teachers and learning community are there to support students through their learning journey. With this support and a little bit of patience, you can be empowered to get ahead.

Students like Loredana and Sheldon have been in the same situation. For them, getting back into that student frame of mind felt less tricky with the support of our helpful tutors. Loredana explains that she herself is “impatient and I get frustrated when I struggle with my work. Luckily, my teacher delivered the class at a pace that wasn’t too fast, going step by step through the coursework. This method of teaching made me enjoy the class much more.”

Supportive tutors

Our highly-skilled and qualified tutors aim to create an environment where you feel comfortable to learn. “The teacher’s style of teaching was great, she made the work easy to understand and explained the work in such a way that everyone understood,” explains Loredana who studied Digital Business Skills with us as part of our Web Design programme. “I liked my teachers, they were very approachable and friendly. The lessons were easy to understand. The teacher’s delivery was clear and coursework was explained in detail. The teacher set us challenging work, which made us feel more confident about our skills and ability.”

If you have difficulties with learning, we can support you through your chosen training or study path. Sheldon, who did our apprenticeship programme and went on to be an IT Support Technician, feels “the staff are always happy to help you – they supported me with my dyslexia to complete the English and Maths qualifications and my Computer Engineering teacher helped me with spelling and reading.”


We also have projects to offer mentoring, help with fees or other support for the challenges that life throws your way. We aim to do the work that will create the ideal learning environment for you to focus on your development. Here you will see our motto in action: “learning works when you’re in the right place to succeed.