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Justice - Nazia Zakaria

They scorn….
They mock….

They rip our spirits apart,

They really want to shake and break us,
They believe they are superior to others,
They use words as weapons,
They believe money, status, race is their privilege and power,

I hear their cruel whispers and bitter lies,
I see their hatred filled hostile eyes,

They need to change their selfish ways,

There should be no more fears or tears,
No more pain, no hurt or shame, no more suffering,

I’m not happy, you’re not happy, we’re not happy,

Let’s not hide behind our doors,
It’s about time there was a change,

What are we going to do about this disastrous dividing mess?

Stand up for what’s right,
Let there be no more wrong,

Let us relearn,
Let’s educate these people with beastly hearts,

Let your voices be valued and heard,
Make some noise to change this world,
Speak up, shout out,

Restore balance in life,
Come together as one,

Let’s close these open wounds,
Let’s make a fresh new start,

Justice is a hand extended,
Justice is a shout for what’s fair and right,
Let justice shine its light ever so bright,
Let’s build a future that’s bigger, better and ever so just!