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International Volunteer Day at ELATT: Empowering Londoners

It’s International Volunteer Day 2023, and at ELATT, we want to celebrate the incredible contributions of our volunteers. Today, we shine a light on the diverse and impactful volunteering opportunities available at ELATT, inviting Londoners to join us in making a meaningful difference.

The Essence of Volunteering at ELATT

ELATT, located in the vibrant heart of London, is a centre of learning and personal development. We offer a variety of fulfilling volunteering roles. Our volunteer opportunities range from administrative to teaching assistant support to innovative roles within our Wellbeing Service. Each volunteer at ELATT plays a vital role in our mission to empower individuals through education and support.

You can volunteer as an Administrative Assistant which is an exciting opportunity for someone to gain valuable administration experience in a dynamic London charity, supporting the day-to-day work of ELATT community projects.

You can also volunteer as a Teaching Assistant, and this is open to anyone who wants to gain some teaching experience in an informal setting or someone who simply wants to contribute by volunteering their spare time. If you are interested in supporting adults with English as a second language, this is a great opportunity.

Additionally, our Wellbeing Service (WBS) provides volunteering opportunities for those with basic IT skills and an interest in health and wellbeing. Our WBS volunteers are crucial in running workshops and supporting our Wellbeing Service, directly impacting our students’ lives.

Why Volunteer with ELATT in London?

Volunteering in London with ELATT offers a chance to contribute to the educational and personal development of diverse individuals. The benefits of volunteering extend to the volunteers themselves, often leading to enhanced skills, increased confidence, and a sense of fulfilment.

Hearing from our previous volunteers offers genuine insight into the impact of volunteering with ELATT.

"What drew me to ELATT is that the tutors and staff really have the students' best interests at heart, going above and beyond to provide additional resources and support."

"ELATT is a friendly welcoming, caring and supportive working environment. Strong work ethic among staff. Provided opportunity to learn new skills. I especially appreciate the support I was given towards finding work."

"Definitely the staff was the best thing. They are friendly, very helpful, very experienced and share. They find individual solutions for everyone.”

"Volunteering at the Wellbeing Service at ELATT was a great experience. It helped me build on the skills, and abilities I have. I became more confident and improved my self-esteem. After helping students understand ways to wellbeing through my workshop, I felt excited and glad that I can have an impact on them, which makes me do more. I can see myself making a long-term commitment with motivation. I enjoy working with the WBS team it was a pleasure for me."

Join Us This International Volunteer Day

his International Volunteers Day, we invite Londoners to become part of the ELATT community that values and supports individual and societal growth. Whether you’re interested in voluntary work in education, administrative opportunities, or volunteering in support of wellbeing, ELATT has a role for you, including remote options like our Wellbeing Service.

As we celebrate International Volunteer Day at ELATT, we want to reaffirm our commitment to fostering a community where everyone can contribute and grow. Volunteering with ELATT is not just about giving back; it’s about being part of a movement that shapes a brighter future for our community.

Ready to make a difference in London? Your journey towards impacting lives and enriching your own starts here!

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