front entrance of houses

Housing Campaign 2017

Today we are writing about housing problems in Hackney. Many people are suffering with some bad conditions. People are living in damp house, and they paying high rent, gas and electricity. Some houses have water leaking from the ceiling. People need to gather to campaign to the government so that they make something better about housing problems. Some people are living single glazing house in winter.

On 16/11/17 as Equal Voices class we wrote a letter about our housing problems we are facing in Hackney and we sent it to the council. We all together made a video, before we sent the letter. We sent the video and letter to Councillor Sem Moema

We are feeling better and proud after we sent the letter.
We hope that the council will start thinking about these problems and try to solve them and make good decisions.
Many thanks.

Shima, Sumi and Maria | 3508 Equal Voices