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Hackney charity wins new funding to support marginalised young people into work and study

Starting this month, 15 unemployed young people will see their life and work chances improved thanks to a new coaching initiative funded by a grant from Investec’s Donations Committee. The young people, who will also benefit from Hackney-based charitable provider ELATT’s Connected Youth re-engagement programme, will be paired with a development coach who will support them on a one-to-one basis from the first day of study right through to their graduation.

“The support of a coach is often the difference between a young person succeeding academically and personally, or returning to a previous pattern of low expectations, disengagement and poor attainment,” said Anthony Harmer, Chief Executive of ELATT. “The new programme will help participants get their lives back on track, and give them the skills they need to achieve what they aspire to.”

The Investec-funded coaching sessions will be completely individualised, responding to each young person’s aspirations. Coaches will support students to identify their life and career goals, set achievable targets to move towards them, overcome the hurdles they face in and out of their programme, and celebrate successes when they occur. For many of the young participants, this will be the first time they build a positive relationship with an educator who has the time and expertise to help them achieve.

Young people will also engage in a mix of arts and tech workshops, life-skills training, industry seminars and pathways to apprenticeships and employment offered by the Connected Youth programme. Having struggled in mainstream educational settings such as schools or colleges, they thrive in the nurturing environment that a small, independent provider like ELATT creates. “I don’t think I would be where I am today if ELATT hadn’t helped me take those first steps into training and believed in my ability to progress and succeed,” said Frankie, a former young offender who having completed a Web Design Course at ELATT is now working as a computer games designer.

Susie Steynof, of Investec’s Corporate Sustainability team, said “The Committee were excited to support such a strong educational project with proven results and one which would have a high potential impact for those 15 young people selected for the coaching programme.”

Enrolments are open now. Contact for more information and to register to study at ELATT.