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Empowering Potential: ELATT's Impact on Persons with Disabilities

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities spotlight on the hurdles faced by disabled individuals, particularly within educational environments where they often confront substantial barriers. This day is a reminder and a call to action, emphasizing the necessity for inclusive and accessible education for all.

At ELATT, we stand committed to this cause. Our mission is clear: every student, regardless of background or abilities, is entitled to the education and care essential for success. In a world that frequently overlooks the disabled, ELATT works to provide tailor-made support for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). It strives to be a beacon of hope and a testament to what is achievable when every individual is given the chance to thrive.

Imagine the daunting prospect of being a young person with special needs in an overcrowded classroom. Or the challenge for teachers striving to meet each child’s needs against a backdrop of limited resources and support. This is the daily reality in many educational institutions, where the sheer number of students in each class leaves too many behind.

At ELATT, we understand that every young person deserves time, care, and attention to truly thrive. That’s why our classes are intentionally small, with no more than twelve students, ensuring personalised support. Every student with special needs benefits from one-to-one interactions with specialist Teaching Assistants, Educational Psychologists and Keyworkers. This philosophy has led to remarkable outcomes: in the 2022-2023 academic year, over 90% of our students with autism achieved their final qualification, significantly higher than the national average.

Our resolve to maintain small class sizes and personalised support ensures that each young person receives the one-on-one support they need. This approach has proven to be effective, as demonstrated by the experiences of our students, like Emma and Daniel.*

* Learner names have been changed in the interests of confidentiality.

Emma’s story illustrates the effectiveness of ELATT’s supportive environment. With an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) tailored for her mixed special educational needs, including autism, ELATT provided her with a nurturing ground to grow. She embarked on a journey with our Business certificate for IT level 2 and GCSE English courses, gaining not just qualifications but also invaluable life skills. Her successful work experience at a tech company, secured through ELATT’s support, has been a stepping stone to greater independence and confidence.

Similarly, Daniel showcases the transformative effect of ELATT’s approach. Starting with no qualifications and significant mental health challenges, his perseverance and the customized support at ELATT led him to pass his GCSE English, Functional Skills Maths, and Advanced Level 3 qualification in ICT. Now, he’s on his way to a degree at Birkbeck University, an inspiring example of the journey from potential to achievement.

The voices of our families echo the impact of our work. One testimonial shares,

"ELATT is the perfect place to advance young adults with additional needs. They see potential where nobody else does. My son has been at ELATT for three years. He has managed to gain skills and knowledge to help him get into university to make his future bright. The staff are exceptional and nothing is too much trouble. I wish there was more places like ELATT to help these young people better their selves, if ELATT had more funding, they could do many more things to help these young people towards a future."

It’s a powerful reminder of the difference we can make with the right goal and the right resources.

As we mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we invite you to reflect on these stories and join us in our mission. Support ELATT and be part of a community that believes in empowering every individual to reach their full potential.

Your support could be the catalyst for the next success story. Together, we can create a world where education is a gateway to opportunity for all, regardless of their needs.

Support ELATT and help us continue to transform lives!

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