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ELATT Wellbeing Service

ELATT is proud to announce our new Wellbeing Service, led by Wellbeing Officer Zelda. Below is a list of activities the service is running. If you are an ELATT student & would like to sign up please complete the sign up form here.

Play into Safety – Psychoeducation With Marta
“Marta is an English-speaking Spanish clinical psychologist, maker and educator. She is now living in Spain delivering these workshops online. She says this series of psychoeducation workshops aims to: Make learning easier and more enjoyable – strategies to learn while looking after yourself.”

Find Yourself in the Picture: Looking at Contemporary Art with Sabine
Have you noticed that spending time in a museum makes you calm & focused? Have you often felt that looking at artworks – really looking – ignites a little fire in your brain? That discussing a topic with others gives you a sense of connection and wellbeing? Then this contemporary art engagement session with art historian Sabine Casparie is for you. At the core of Sabine’s sessions is the belief that art is for everyone, and that witnessing and using creativity can enrich our lives and increase our sense of wellbeing.

Book Club with Jane
During the club we will discuss:

  • tips and tricks on how to read in English
  • what to read so you don’t get too tired- this can make you give up trying to read more
  • ideas and thoughts from books

And of course, we will inspire each other to go on reading!

Nutrition with Marie-Anna
People have so many ways of thinking about healthy diet. It’s a good basis to know how to make good and happy choices. This workshop focuses on the meaning of healthy eating with short activities on how to make a healthy meal.

Crafts with Yrang Crafts-
This session will be focused on seasonal DIY crafts using things you would have around your home.
“I have always had a strong interest in arts and crafts. In the UK where materials are costly, I find ways to put my hands into action. love arts and crafts. I run workshops for children and adults.”

Peer support groups –
This is a social group. You can speak freely about any needs you may have. It is a support group. Everything we discuss is kept within the group, and not to be discussed outside of this, so you are free to speak and explore.
You are welcome to bring anything that helps you to relax, a cushion, some sewing, a guitar, a cookery tip. We can talk about what you do to stay well.

30 minute mindfulness and yoga with Buse
You are welcome to join these wellbeing workshops on meditation & yoga. No experience necessary. In this workshop series, we will learn about and practice mindfulness and breathwork. It helps regulate emotions, improve concentration and encourage you to experience & enjoy every moment.