outside view of buckingham palace

ELATT students visit Buckingham Palace

Trip to Buckingham Palace

From Elatt on 2 November 2016, my class and I with another class went for trip to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard.It was on Thursday last week from 10am in the morning.

We caught the train from Haggerston at platform 1, the overground toward Highbury and Islington. From Highbury and Islington to Green Park station.

From Green Park station way out, we walked about 8 minutes to Buckingham Palace at 11am.

We arrived to Buckingham Palace, there were many people even children but the weather was not quite good, meaning cold.

Anyway, we were there seeing soldiers marching, playing music when they were performing and were so excited to see all that.

Well, at the end we were around from 11 in the morning to 12 in afternoon and started taking photos for all classes, also individually. After that we went back to Green Park to have a picnic, to eat something and drink and then everyone went back home.

It was really exciting and a lovely day.

By Muzinga