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ELATT's Students Attended Headliners' 2023 Summer Residential!

Summer is a time for adventure, growth, and forging new connections. This summer, in collaboration with Headliners, some of our Sixth Form students had the incredible opportunity to attend the Headliners’ 2023 Summer Residential in the Yorkshire Dales.

Headliners is a renowned UK-based charity dedicated to empowering young individuals through multimedia. With a mission to amplify the voices of the youth, Headliners has consistently been at the forefront of engaging young people in media, journalism, and creative projects. Their initiatives are designed to foster confidence, resilience, and lifelong skills.

The journey unfolded at Ingleborough Hall, where students participated in a myriad of outdoor activities. They navigated rugged terrains during gorge walking, honed their skills in archery, and scaled trees. Additionally, they delved into media and photography, capturing the essence of the local village and its tranquil landscapes. Overall, the trip presented a blend of challenging and exhilarating experiences for the students.

With Headliners’ expertise in multimedia, the residential proved to be a transformative experience. It provided an avenue for our students to articulate their perspectives, share their stories, and forge meaningful connections.

Rob Austin from Headliners lauded the unwavering spirit and enthusiasm of the young participants. He emphasized that this residential was a comprehensive learning journey, enabling students to push their boundaries, acquire new skills, and strengthen their self-confidence.

This enriching experience stands as a testament to the synergy between ELATT and Headliners. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all collaborators involved in this event.

For those interested in a visual recap of the residential, there’s a YouTube video that offers a glimpse of the highlights. The video showcases young individuals from London and North-East England uniting in Yorkshire, partaking in activities like gorge walking, archery, and photography challenges.