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Four Decades of Impact - Support ELATT This Giving Tuesday

In the heart of London, for four decades, ELATT has been more than just an educational institution. It’s a beacon of hope, a community, and a catalyst for change. In this Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving, we spotlight ELATT’s legacy of partnerships and the profound impact of its supporters.

This academic year marks a significant milestone for ELATT as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. Over these four decades, ELATT has been unwavering in its mission to make London a city where everyone can flourish in their lives, no matter their age, background or circumstances.

The Power of Partnership

At ELATT, partnerships are the cornerstone of our approach to education and empowerment. Our collaboration with leading organisations like Mimecast, UBS, and many others has been instrumental in creating a bridge between talent and opportunity. These partnerships are also vital collaborations that provide our students with essential insights and practical experience in the competitive world of work. This collaboration of education and industry ensures our courses are not just about learning but about applying knowledge in the real world, thereby enhancing employability and fostering innovation.

By engaging with industry leaders, ELATT offers a unique blend of professional and personal development and expert support, ensuring that our students are not just ready for the job market but are shaping it. In these partnerships we find the true essence of progress – a shared vision that uplifts and equips the next generation for the challenges of tomorrow.

The Impact of Support 

Support, in its various forms, is the lifeblood of ELATT’s success. The generosity of our supporters – ranging from public funders and charitable trusts to individual volunteers and corporate partners – fuels our mission. It’s this support that makes it possible for us to maintain an impressive 97% pass rate, with 88% of our students reporting enhanced workplace skills upon graduation. 

Moreover, support at ELATT translates into real change – 77% of our students progress into new employment or further learning opportunities, and 89% feel more optimistic about their future after graduation. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the stories of transformation and the tangible outcomes that shape our community in a meaningful way. 

Giving Tuesday reminds us of the collective power of generosity. Giving Tuesday champions the spirit of giving in all forms – time, resources, skills, or funds. It’s a movement that resonates with our ethos at ELATT, where every contribution, big or small, has the potential to drive change and support our vision for an inclusive and prosperous society. 

Join the Movement this Giving Tuesday 

We invite you to be a part of ELATT’s 40-year legacy. Whether you’re an individual looking to volunteer, a company seeking a meaningful partnership, or someone who simply wants to donate, your contribution can change lives. 

This Giving Tuesday let’s come together to support ELATT in its mission to help Londoners gain the skills to find employment and other opportunities. Become a supporter today and be a part of the change! 

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