Poster image with text 'A Reflection on ELATT's 2023 Achievements'

A Reflection on ELATT's 2023 Achievements

As we step into 2024, it’s a perfect time to look back at the past year and celebrate the remarkable achievements we saw at ELATT throughout the year.

This past year stands as a testament to our commitment to lifelong learning, community engagement, and the empowerment of our students. Let’s dive into the stories that have shaped ELATT’s journey and look forward to celebrating four decades of transformative education.

2023 marked another year of ELATT’s dedication to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for students of all ages. Our Sixth Form department and adult education programmes have continued to be pillars of growth, change, and progression, enriching the lives of over 850 learners and contributing widely to the broader community in terms of skills, knowledge and jobs.

Inspirational Student Success Stories:

* Learner names have been changed in the interests of confidentiality.

Michael – Overcoming Language Barriers with Music and Art:
Michael, an Eritrean refugee, arrived at ELATT with limited literacy in his native language and no knowledge of English. However, 2023 marked a significant turn in his educational journey. With dedicated one-on-one support, Michael transitioned from recognising basic words to confidently sounding out and understanding more complex English vocabulary. His newfound language skills have boosted his social interactions and overall confidence. Michael’s musical and artistic talents have been harnessed as part of his learning, with a teaching assistant helping him learn the ukulele, enhancing his vocabulary and grammar through music.

Ethan – Building Confidence and Skills for a Brighter Future:
Ethan, a Sudanese refugee, started at ELATT with limited English and low confidence. His time here has been transformative, thanks to the nurturing environment and comprehensive support system. ELATT’s keyworkers and a career guidance programme helped Ethan secure a bike maintenance work placement, where he has received exemplary feedback for his growing expertise and improved social and English skills. Even after leaving the Sixth Form, ELATT continues to support him, assisting in his CV preparation and further work placement opportunities.

Nick – From Asylum Challenges to Community Leadership:
One of our Life Skills students, who has been in the asylum process for many years, faced significant mental health challenges and low confidence upon joining ELATT. Through participation in wellbeing sessions and English language progress, he has improved both his mental and physical health. Notably, he earned a Mental Health First Aid certificate and became a key member in establishing a peer support group at the Wellbeing Service, focusing on the experiences of seeking asylum. His journey from a hesitant participant to a leading facilitator exemplifies the empowering impact of ELATT’s supportive community.

Lucy – From Language Beginner to Community Contributor:
Starting as a beginner in ELATT’s classes, Lucy’s determination advanced her to the Entry 3 level in English. Her confidence has soared, enabling her to support her family in practical ways and actively participate in organising events. She’s also set to volunteer at the community centre, showcasing her commitment to giving back to the community that supported her growth.

James – Crafting Fashion and Stories:
James, a talented Nigerian fashion designer and an ESOL student at ELATT, has an inspiring story. Fleeing the war in Ukraine, he found refuge in the UK and was referred to a workshop at the London College of Fashion by one of the teachers, who knew about his skills. His exceptional skills led to organising workshops at LCF, offering refugees and artisans a platform to explore their skills and stories together.

Highlights from 2023 at ELATT:

  • Over 35 of our students volunteered at ELATT and other organisations in 2023, and more than 20 secured new jobs, reflecting their hard work and dedication.
  • Our industry partner Mimecast showcased our work together in their 2023 Annual Report, highlighting the successful collaboration and impact on our students and the community.
  • We launched the “Equal Voices” project to foster inclusivity and amplify diverse voices within our community.
  • Some of our Sixth Form students had the incredible opportunity to attend the Headliners’ 2023 Summer Residential in the Yorkshire Dales, in 2023 summer.
  • We held the Working West London end-of-project celebration event to acknowledge the project’s achievements and the transformative impact it has had on the lives of refugees.

As we celebrate ELATT’s 40th year in 2024, we not only look back on a year of significant achievements but also embrace this ongoing journey of lifelong learning and empowerment. Each student’s journey, each community project, and each success story contribute to our enduring legacy. We are excited about the future and the continued impact of ELATT’s commitment to education and community.