cherry muffin on a plate

Charity Day for the 'Ruth Hayman Trust'

By Jolanta

On 15 – 06 – 2016, my college ”Elatt” did a charity day for ‘Ruth Hayman Trust’. On this day it did not rain, but was very windy. Especially on this day, I put on a black dress. I came at 11 o’clock and brought an electric oven. Other classmates came at 1pm and brought books, toys, clothes, cakes and brioches. We all together went in street selling cakes and brioches. We had a fun day and we laughed.

At 3pm, during the last minutes I sold my electric oven for £10 to my young classmate who has a family and she likes cooking. I was so happy!

We helped ‘Ruth Hayman Trust’. The act of helping others can create an improved sense of well-being.

My classmates said:

“It was very important for me because before I don’t know what does charity mean , but now I know and I like it”

“Everybody was very happy because we were able to practise English with different people. I also learned to sell different things and I think it was a very productive day for me.”

“It was very interesting and fun because I asked people about this. They gave me confidence to speak and to practise English language.”

“I sold cakes, clothes and other things. This day was so different. We know now how we can help other people.”

“It was very important to me because I got experience and I made a lot of money for the charity. It was good because I can help many people who don’t have money or anything.”

“I had a wonderful day on that day because all teacher and my classes were together. We were happy, laughing and joking.”