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Overcoming Technophobia with ELATT – A Student’s Story

My name is Inger and I am a 50 year old housewife, charity volunteer and grandmother. I have always felt left behind because I did not know how to use a computer – it has held me back for many years. Not being able to get online or use a computer made me feel useless, stupid and actually, I was quite scared of computers due to not knowing anything about them! I just didn’t know what to do about it or how I could overcome my technophobia. My kids always promised to help me learn but are always busy with their own work or homework, and classes I had seen advertised were either really expensive, or seemed to be aimed towards OAPs, so I felt I wasn’t welcome there.

Then I heard about ELATT. I signed up for a free IT for the Office course, which would teach me all the basics of using Microsoft Office Packages and computing skills that I could use to help me improve my employability and prospects. With help, I completed an online sign up form, I had a quick phone call from ELATT’s assessment team and completed a short test to see what skills I already had, before starting my course.

I was really nervous about learning and joining online classes on Zoom, but my tutor is so welcoming, kind and helpful, and takes us through the class at a gentle pace. ELATT is such a supportive environment, I am not afraid to ask questions or for additional help when I need it. I was so delighted when I passed my Level 1 Assessment. I have felt my confidence grow week by week, and I can’t believe I am now completing Level 2! The huge mystery around laptops, computers and the internet is fading and I am excited to use my new skills. I’ve even made new friends on the course and met up for socially distanced walks, which has been a huge unexpected benefit. I would recommend anyone wanting to learn something new to check out ELATT’s website and find a course they’d like to study.

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