applying henna onto hand

Capability Workshop Dec 2017

We had our Capability workshop on Thursday 7th December 2017 at 10am-12pm at Simple Gifts, 117 Mansford St, Basement Suite, London E1 6LX.
We had the opportunity to try out some amazing experiences in activities. The activities included:

  • Massaging Henna
  • Guitar Playing
  • Makeup
  • Hair Styling
  • Sewing
  • Nail Art
  • Mini Facials
  • Language Exchange

That day we enjoyed all available activities .We think the workshop is a very good idea because some people have chance to practise and learn something different ,so for example we learn how to play guitar that was very interesting and finding out how to play on the guitar was very relaxing and also we find the Massaging was very popular so we think all people like to relax.

person having makeup applied

We learnt something new as well like henna. It was first time we have chance to see how it works.

We think that all activities was very important because all students get some new knowledge and have chance to learn new skills also that excellent time to practice English , speaking with people from the community, making friends and it was very nice to see all have chat and discuss about everything.

We are looking forward for next Capability Workshop.

By Magdalena, Anette and Shugui | E3 HACKNEY EQUAL VOICES 3508