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Adnan shares his experience of studying at ELATT during lockdown

I am writing this blog to talk about my experience studying at ELATT during lockdown.

Lockdown has been very difficult for me but everyone at ELATT has been wonderful and very supportive. This applies to the admin staff, the technical team, the TAs and the teachers.

Since lockdown I have been able to continue my studies in a whole new way and still carry on in order to get my qualification sorted and ready to take a next leap of my career. I have been having regular timetabled online sessions every week. The teachers teach as if we are in a real classroom. I was really worried about how I was going to continue my studies. Although it is not as good as being in a classroom it is still very good.

I haven’t liked lockdown because I wasn’t allowed to meet my friends or go to any other people’s household which made it boring for me. But because of my online lessons during lockdown I have managed to socialise with my friends at ELATT as we are all in a meeting together. This has been very good for my wellbeing.

In addition to our normal lessons, ELATT gave us the opportunity to work on online projects with London Wildlife Trust and Headliners. I have to thank Laura from London Wildlife Project for teaching us about the environment and for letting me write a blog. I also have to thank Lucy and Zahrah from Headliners for helping us create podcasts and learn about journalism. We finished the year by going on a Wildlife Action Day to Woodberry wetlands where we learnt about wildlife conservation. It was really good to get out and meet my friends again and also to see the swans and other birds.

I want to finish by saying that although lockdown hasn’t been the best experience for me, ELATT has helped me so much to continue my studies and to help with my mental wellbeing. I would recommend ELATT to anyone looking to gain new skills, improve their confidence and meet new people.

Author: Adnan Tanmoy