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"40 Hires for 40 Years" – Celebrating Four Decades of Impactful Learning and Employment

Throughout 2024 we are looking for ten companies to pledge forty hours each to mentor our ten student for four hours each.

In our 40th year, ELATT remains committed to a vision that uplifts and transforms lives, especially for those often overlooked by society. Our learners include the neurodiverse, refugees, migrants, and individuals from less privileged economic backgrounds in the heart of London. The hurdles they face are many – from few educational pathways to biases in the workplace, societal exclusion, and a lack of nurturing networks. At ELATT, we see these challenges not just as problems, but as chances to grow stronger, to help people find their strength, and to make a positive difference.

Our initiative, “40 Hours for 40 Years” is the next stage in this mission, transforming barriers into bridges that lead to fulfilling careers in tech and digital. This pledge is not just about volunteer hours; it’s a commitment to shaping the next generation of professionals who will lead and innovate in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Transformative Power of Mentoring

Why mentoring? The answer lies in the profound impact a mentor can have on a student’s career trajectory. Through mentoring, students receive guidance, gain confidence, and develop professional skills that are crucial in today’s competitive job market. The wisdom imparted by an experienced professional can ignite a passion, open doors to new opportunities, and set a foundation for lifelong career development.

For 40 years, ELATT has championed the cause of inclusive education and professional mentorship. Our past experiences have shown time and again that when students are supported by mentors, their development is not just incremental; it’s transformational. Students evolve into professionals who not only enter the workforce but enhance it with their diverse perspectives and skills.

A Win-Win for Students and Employers

We have set an ambitious yet achievable goal: 100 students will receive a total of 400 hours of professional mentoring (4 hours each) by the close of 2024, and to do so we are looking for ten companies to each pledge 40 hours of support. It’s a testament to the belief that investing in the future of tech talent is not just beneficial for the students, but also for the companies themselves.

By participating in this mentorship programme, companies have the opportunity to discover emerging talent and shape the individuals who could become their future innovators and leaders. Moreover, they play a vital role in demonstrating corporate social responsibility and investment in the communities they serve.

Join the Movement

We invite you to become part of this movement. Your expertise and time can unearth the potential of 100 future talents. It’s a partnership where the return on investment is measured not just in hours, but in the lives changed and careers created.

For more information and to learn how you can become an industry partner in this mentorship programme, you can visit our mentoring page or contact us.

Join us as we pave the way for a future where London works for everyone, a future built on the foundations of education, empowerment, and the collective effort of our industry partners. Together, let’s make “40 Hours for 40 Years” a milestone in the tech industry and an inspiration for the next generation of tech talent.

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